The CARA Team

  • The CARA team is led by Professor Katerina Hilari and Dr Abi Roper. The team includes Dr Niamh Devane, members of the City Aphasia Lab and Professor Stephanie Wilson, from the Centre for Human-Computer Interaction Design. 
  • City Aphasia Lab is part of the Adult Assessment and Intervention Research group (AAIR) at City, University of London. This research group investigates themes such as aphasic language impairments, therapies for aphasia, interventions to improve emotional and social wellbeing in people with aphasia, and assessment, outcome measurement and the self- reported experience of aphasia. In this last area, assessments developed at City, e.g. the SAQOL-39g, have become an international gold standard and are recommended for use in all aphasia trials and intervention studies (see Core Outcome Set for Aphasia). 
  • The work of the CARA team has been funded by the Tavistock Trust for Aphasia; the Stroke Association; and City, University of London. 
  • You can find out more information on the research in the Department of Language and Communication Science, including AAIR, on the The Centre for Language and Communication Science Research Webpage.
The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia
Stroke association
City University of London
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