Welcome to City Access:
Where Fundraising is a Team Sport!!

You are on your way to great savings

City Access is designed with you in mind, providing thousands of dollars in savings in your home town and surrounding areas. This year alone, we will help thousands of groups raise funds for play ground equipment, school supplies, new uniforms, enrollment fees and much more!

It's a Win, Win for Everyone!

With the City Access fundraising program, the entire community wins. Families save thousands of dollars, merchants get FREE guaranteed advertising, schools, sports teams, youth groups, etc. meet fundraising goals fast.

Our Supporting Merchants

City Access allows merchants to advertise their business to consumers with no up-front cost. Yes, you read that correctly. All advertising is completely FREE. Since it is completely FREE to become a supporting merchant in the City Access publication, no advertising expense is incurred until a customer actually walks through the door. City Access is risk-free, easy to use and highly profitable compared to other advertising outlets.