City Access - Resources for Aphasia (CARA)


  • An online, easy to use platform offering training, therapy packages and assessment resources for clinicians and researchers working with people with aphasia.
  • We have a range of free and paid for resources. For example:
    • Our assessments can be downloaded and used for free. However, for a fee, users can complete assessments online with their clients with aphasia and get them scored automatically.
    • For therapies, users typically pay for training to ensure they feel confident to deliver the therapy as intended. Once the training is successfully completed, the therapy manual and any other resources are available to them free of charge.
  • Paying users get free access to ‘My Resources’, a service hosting all of the resources they have bought, including online patients’ assessment data in a secure environment.


  • Increase accessibility of high-quality clinical resources for people with aphasia, based on strong research evidence published by the Aphasia Team at City, University of London.
  • Translate evidence-based resources into a format that clinicians find easily accessible, with features like automatic scoring of assessments.
  • Provide training to increase quality and fidelity of treatment administration.

Funded by The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia and The Stroke Association

Hi! We created this portal to give greater access to the evidence-based tests and therapies for aphasia developed at City, University of London.

The City Aphasia Lab