Professor Katerina Hilari

Hi! I'm Katerina Hilari, Professor of Acquired Communication Disorders at City, University of London. We created this portal to give greater access to evidence-based tests and therapies for Aphasia, developed at City.

City Access - Resources for Aphasia (CARA)

What: CARA is an online, easy to use resource for clinicians and researchers working with people with aphasia. There are currently two assessments available. In the future there will be therapy resources and training packages.

What is available now: The SAQOL quality of life measure and the SSNS Social Network Scale tests are available.

What is coming up next: Training and resources to carry out evidence-based therapies for people with aphasia and more assessments.

Future: Our aim is that City Access will host accessible versions of all the assessments and therapy packages developed in the Division of Language and Communication Science at City, University of London. These will include training packages, therapy manuals and resources and online and hard copies of assessments.

Cost: You can currently download and use the assessments for free. As this site is developed we will continue to offer free resources but we will charge for online assessments and for training modules to ensure the sustainability of CARA.

CARA team: Professor Katerina Hilari, Dr Madeleine Pritchard, Professor Jane Marshall, Dr Abi Roper, Dr Celia Woolf, on behalf of LCS Aphasia Team and Professor Stephanie Wilson, from the Centre for Human-Computer Interaction Design.

Aphasia Team at the division of Language and Communication Science (LCS), City, University of London.

The aphasia team at City, University of London is part of the Adult Assessment and Intervention Research group (AAIR) led by Professor Jane Marshall. This research group investigates themes such as aphasic language impairments, the self-reported experience of aphasia, the use of gesture in aphasia, assessment and outcome measurement, the impact of therapy, and interventions to improve well-being in people with aphasia.

You can find out more information on the research in the Division of Language and Communication Science, including AAIR, on the City, University of London website: https://www.city.ac.uk/health/research/centre-for-language-communication-sciences-research#unit=our-research